Mobile Monday (MoMo) event was held on Monday 23rd January, 2012 in the Faculty Cafeteria, CIIT, Park Road, Islamabad. More than 80 participants (Faculty and students) participated in the event.

The main theme of this event was the launch of Mobile Applications Group. Mr. Ahsan Malik gave a presentation about the importance of Mobile application development in the current era and emphasis on the Creation, Management, Distribution as well as the extension of mobile applications. A computer lab at CAST department is dedicated for this group.

Later on Mr. Muhammad Ahmed who belongs to pioneer batch of Comsats and director of Syntacx Company based in Islamabad highlighted the important areas in mobile application industry. He agreed on providing full support to the Faculty as well as the students by arranging different training sessions as well as providing all the development tools necessary for mobile application development.

Dr. Mahmood Ashraf (Director CAST) concluded the session by saying that Mobile Monday is a platform to generate ideas therefore all the students as well as the faculty should give their ideas about mobile applications so that we could be able to build applications according to the need of the common people.